Choosing a wedding gown

Shopping for a wedding gown is one of the most personal, fun, exiting but difficult things all at once. There is a lot of research involved, some self-reflection and of course, budget consideration. Keep in mind that this dress is for one night, but one of the most memorable nights you will ever experience; therefore, like most brides, you will invest a lot of time and money seeking for the ultimate wedding dress.

To help out, WedPack collected some great advise from our brides, ladies that “have been there”, close friends and our own experience; just a few pointers that hopefully will help reduceyou’re your stress levels in looking for a gown.

First, take the time to reflect at who you are and what you want. By that, we mean think about your style and your personality, decide what kind of silhouette you like and what kind of bride you are. Think about what color you want the dress to be, the length and the style. There are a lot of parameters to consider so make it fun, discuss it with your closest friends and family … us ladies always love to chat about clothes, especially wedding gowns!

Second, do your research! We understand that it’s fun to play dress up and try on a lot of wedding gowns; however, keep in mind that unless you have a specific idea in mind and know exactly what you want, you will only get more confused. Go online, get a few bridal magazines, look at various photos of wedding gowns; there are plenty of great designers with unbelievable collections. Narrow it down from the comfort of your home; however, keep in mind that not everything you will like will be flattering on your body type, so we suggest that you narrow it down to several options and silhouettes. You can always print the pictures and take them with you to the bridal stores.

Third, when going to shop for the dress with friends and family, consider inviting just a few of your closest friends and closest family members. By keeping the wedding gown shopping experience to a smaller group, you can actually take the time to listen to their advices and their suggestions. You will feel more comfortable trying out different gowns in front of them, you can be sure that you will receive truthful and real advice,  and you won’t be overwhelmed by all the different opinions surrounding you.

Finally, we recommend that you set a budget for your dress before going shopping. Consider the total cost of your wedding and how much you are willing to spend on the gown. Set a reasonable and realistic range, don’t limit you self to one number, this way you will have more options open to you yet there will be a “glass ceiling”. We don’t recommend trying dresses that are out of your budget range, it may cause frustration and confusion. Don’t worry; there are plenty of beautiful gowns at any price point.


Shopping for a wedding gown is a great experience, but like always, there are bumps down the road and not everything will go smoothly. Don’t be discouraged, the end result is worth it, you will look more beautiful than ever and you will have the prettiest memories from this experience!

Congratulations, WedPack

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