Bachelorette parties: great ideas

So… your friend is getting married and you have been given the fun task of planning her last night as a single lady, you have great ideas in mind but you are looking for something unique and interesting. Well, this is the right place; we have couple of suggestions that will put a smile on every blushing bride to be.

Of course, you can always go with one of the most common ideas, yet always fun to look at; hiring an exotic dancer, or going to a strip club. You can always spice up this activity, by hiring a male and a female dancer to do an erotic show together!

However, if you want to change things up and give your friend a night to remember, here are some more creative suggestions:

You can always do a fun dancing activity such as take a private pole dancing class, a belly dancing class or dance the night away at a luxurious night club with bottle service. If your friend loves music and dancing, you can always incorporate some karaoke at the beginning of the evening, then move the party into a hotel room in which you’ll invite the exotic dancers to. Finish the night with a privet booth with bottle service at a club of your choice and dance the night away, try to make it close to the hotel so you guys can return safely to sleep it out

For a more relaxing night for a bride to be that’s not into anything too crazy, we suggest taking over one of the bridesmaids’ homes for a slumber party! It’s a great way to spend the
night together yet save some money and effort. You can do pot luck and have a nice dinner, make all the favorite foods of the bride to be, she will sure appreciate it. To make the evening
interesting, book an entertainment of some sort, such as sex specialist that comes with her own props or an astrologist that can make everybody a yearly chart… there are many options as to which kind of professional to book, by the end of the day you should be able to tell by knowing the bride to be and what kind of a person she is.

Another idea is to mix both relaxing and bonding time, with crazy and drunken time… you can start the evening with a nice dinner, book a movie theater for a screening of the bride’s  favorite movie. Get dressed for a night on a town and go bar hopping! Set yourself a goal and reach it. You can always book a limo for this night and make it drive you guys to all the bars that way you all can drink with no worries.

Whatever your budget, interests or party of choice, as long as you have the bride to be in mind and the safety of your group, you’ll have a successful party. Even if you see one of our ideas as suitable, then we did our jobs!

Congratulation, Wedpack

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